Cord Blood Stem Cells :: Significant Role in The Medical feild

Fifteen years from now, parents used to be provided with the alternative of cord blood stem cell storage soon after the birth of the baby. It is because of the fact that this blood contains rich amount of Hematopoietic stem cells. They are the multipotent cells that possess the ability to grow into wide range of blood cells. It is a matter of relaxation for the parents even today that these cells can be effectively used in the treatment against various diseases whether for their kids, siblings and even for other members in the family in the future. According to an estimate they are effective in healing about eighty blood diseases that are present since birth.
This process can be used in stem cells transplantation in more than six thousand patients. It has been proved the cord does not contain only hematopoietic cells but it is found to have another cells type. They are known as Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s). Scientists have named these cord blood stem cells as ‘super cells’ as they are believed to contain prehistoric early development of each major tissue in the body of human beings. As a result of which they are capable to cure vast variety of diseases and injuries. Thus it can be predicted that such type of regenerative cells will play an active role to further many medical advancements in field of neural, bone, heart, cartilage and repair of adipose tissue.
The scientists who are involved in the study of several diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’ s disease, injury of spinal cord and several others are well aware about the capability of stem cells from very beginning. Thus due to simplest method of harvesting, parents feel it is safe to store both types of cells for the safety of their family health and for the healthy future. The parents thus take their decision much before the birth of baby and do an agreement with the cryogenic labs for the storage and processing of cells. Among a huge crowd of a number of such type of organizations one is cord blood bank of New England. The organization has been an innovator for last twenty five years in the field of cryopreservation that deals with the storage of fertility cells, tissues and cord blood including dental pulp stem cells.
New England bank holds a high reputation in cord blood stem cell banking by being the most successful bio-medical lab. Recently it has expanded its services by providing some additional services at the time of storage of the baby’s umbilical cord blood. They are encouraging the parents to come forward and donate umbilical cord blood. The service for harvesting and tissue processing during enrollment of cord blood is being provided for free for short duration of time. However, additional cost is being charged in the case when the banking is to be done for the whole year. This way the organization comes with many innovative strategies to involve more and more people into this novel cause. It is only possible by the full support of parents that scientists can come up with advancements and treatments for several other diseases.

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